thank you for being obedient in giving generously and sacrificially.

why do we give?

we are compelled by the gospel

jesus has sacrificially and generously given us new life by coming to earth and redeeming us by dying in our place and conquering death and sin once and for all.  by this very action we have freedom in jesus. He gave us his very best and we in response give our very best.

it's an act of worship

he calls us to offer our whole bodies as a living sacrifice as worship to god. We see this to be everything we have from time, talents, and money. as we give, we worship jesus.

it's our missional opportunity 

we have a mission to care. What we see in the bible is to care for the poor, the needy, the church and those who preach the gospel.

we are apart of a community 

as a gospel community we bring our gifts, talents, resources, and money to serve jesus and the mission he’s given us. we want to be excellent in our service to give god glory. first, caring for our gospel community and from there, caring for our neighboring community.

it's evidence of maturity 

we have been given the gift of the holy spirit as a seal of our salvation until christ comes back. The holy spirit allows us to operate in the gifting that our father allows us to have. one of those gifts is generosity. the sign of a fruitful follower is one who gives generously and sacrificially. In a world where we want to hoard and protect what we have, the spirit allows us through what jesus has done on the cross to give in a counter cultural way which is our act of worship.